Senior School Choices

Finding the right school

Choosing the right senior school for your son can be a bewildering and emotionally challenging experience. It is my aim, as Headmaster, ably supported by senior staff, to provide gold service guidance for Bickley Park School parents to support them fully in securing a place at the most suitable senior school.

This process will start in Year 4 with an evening meeting for parents which will take place in the summer term. At this meeting, senior staff from the school will explain in full the approach that BPS recommends is taken in choosing the best secondary school to suit your son.

Most Bickley parents send their sons on to independent day schools. Some opt to send their sons to other schools, including state secondaries and grammars as well as boarding schools. For the majority of parents, it seems to matter less whether the senior school is single sex or mixed, although there is a higher than usual concentration of very good senior independent boys’ schools accessible from Bickley than is the norm in the U.K.

At the senior schools meeting for parents held in the summer term in Year 4, the options for choosing schools will be fully explained. Following this meeting, you will be invited to meet with the Headmaster to receive initial guidance as to your son’s academic profile. You will have an opportunity to outline what key facets you hope to find in the senior school you wish your son to attend. The Headmaster will make initial recommendations for a short-list of choices and also suggest whether an 11+ or 13+ exit is most suitable.

Following the meeting with the Headmaster, it is recommended you attend opening mornings or arrange a private tour at the recommended senior schools. Bickley Park School has special arrangements with some senior schools exclusively for BPS parents to take group tours on designated days. You will be advised well in advance when these are scheduled.

When touring senior schools, the most important thing is to decide whether you can picture your son thriving there. The challenges of adolescence in an increasingly complex and challenging world, combined with the pressure of gearing up to important exams, such as GCSE, means that choosing the right senior school in which your son has the optimum chance of being happy to go to school is essential. Trust your instinct: you know your son best of all.

After you have visited senior schools and done further research, you can arrange follow up meetings with the Headmaster as we would like to support you every step of the way in achieving a senior school place where both you and we are confident your son will thrive.

Does Bickley Park prepare boys well for life at senior school?

Clearly we think yes! However, please do not take our word for it….read some of the comments about Bickley boys from various senior schools and decide for yourself.

….it is hard to believe that he is a new boy to Trinity. He has settled in and hit the ground running. I am very impressed with his work ethic and motivation.

…. a wonderful first year at Sevenoaks School. He has settled into boarding remarkably well, making new friends and showing real maturity.

…. his teachers like him and commend his excellent classroom behaviour.

…. his teachers were very impressed by his independent study skills and maturity.

…. a welcome addition to the school. He is a confident, sociable and polite pupil.

….. his curiosity ranged far and wide and his teachers all found him a responsive and charming student to teach.

…. a real individual with a lively and creative mind.

…. a very bright, positive, responsible and absolutely delightful young man.

…. he is a very able student who is keen to learn.

….he has been really well prepared for Year 9 by his Prep school.

Recent senior school destinations at 11+ and 13+ include: