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Hear From Our Pupils

Hear From Our Pupils

I probably wouldn’t have been dreaming so big if it wasn’t for the support of the staff and the small but powerful community that is Bickley Park School.
Andrew, Yr7

I am completely and utterly proud to belong to Bickley Park School.
Jake, Yr8

Pupil on a swing on the playground at Bickley Park School

Bickley Park has taught me the importance of independence, teamwork, hard work and unity.
Jake, Yr8

2 pupils at Bickley Park School with a beehive

When I came into Yr3 I was extremely shy and I would only talk to my friends but as the years went on Drama lessons helped me to express myself and I’m always talking to teachers now, asking how their day I and asking for help.
Ajay, Yr7

Bickley Park has inspired me to be my best self and to be kind, selfless, honest and trustworthy.
Nathan, Yr7

Pupil reading in the library at Bickley Park School

The thing I love most about Bickley Park is that all the teachers engage you in their subjects. I particularly love Sports. When I first played cricket I had no clue how to play but through Yr6 with the help of great coaches, I got into the A-Team, which I was very pleased with.
Harry, Yr7

Throughout my time at Bickley Park, I’ve always found all teachers are really supportive, especially form teachers as they create a close bond with their pupils.
Austin, Yr7

Pupils studying at Bickley Park School

The most enjoyable experience at school has been the Stubbers school trip. We got to spend 2 and a half days out in the woods, making camps, setting up hammocks and learning new skills.
Alex, Yr7

Mrs Evans is one of the World’s best teachers. She makes every topic so fascinating and fun!
Andrew, Yr 7

Reception pupil in art class at Bickley Park School