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The History of Bickley Park

The History of Bickley Park

Bickley Park was founded by teacher, Richard Brandram, in 1918 with 12 pupils. It was Brandram that introduced the ‘bee’ motif which has been retained in the school logo ever since.

The Brandram family crest included two bees and Brandram adopted it for the school logo as he liked the association the bee has with industriousness and community. Brandram, in addition to three other Heads that succeeded him, now has a school house named after him.

At around the time the school was founded, Enid Blyton, the children’s writer, became one of its first teachers. The school possesses an historical reference, written by Brandram, stating what a fantastic teacher she was.

The Bickley Park Pre-Prep Department building, originally named Bickley Park Parva, has connections with King Edward Vll and the original Lodge building, on the Prep site, suffered WWll bomb damage. An alumni, who visited for the centenary celebrations, could recall the moment the bomb hit as he sheltered in the cellar of the school.

The school’s centenary was celebrated in 2018 with many alumni, visitors, guests and events including an enactment of a Victorian school day and a ‘Power of 99’ ice cream eating event.

Political historian, Sir Anthony Seldon is among Bickley Park’s well known alumni, which also includes footballer and TV presenter Chris Hollins, both of whom have been involved in school events over the years.

Teaching is still conducted from some of the original 1918 buildings but, since then, the school has grown hugely. New facilities are continuously being added, including a new Nursery and Reception block, which opened in 2017 and a state of the art Science Centre which opened in 2019. All pupils also have access to a theatre, dedicated music and DT facilities, a covered swimming pool, astro-turf pitch, tennis courts and climbing wall on site, as well as a six acre sports ground.

With an ambitious rolling development programme, Bickley Park, offers an exceptional setting in which boys can learn and thrive.