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Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Bickley Park is a caring and diverse community. We celebrate difference, recognising individuals and tailoring our support to their needs.


Accepting and celebrating difference.

We foster a sense of belonging and togetherness that is enhanced by the relationships between the staff and pupils and amongst the children themselves.

Mentoring programmes, peer support and school council teach the life skills of patience, understanding, inclusion and kindness.

Our Community Quadrant puts value on service and humility helping the children see beyond their horizons to the world outside. 

The charitable causes that the school supports grows year on year, whether it is fundraising and donating locally to Bromley Foodbank and other charities close to home or further afield helping communities in Gujarat, India where we have forged social, academic and sporting links. All causes are initiated by the children who at a young age, have already understood the impact their contribution can make.

The school offers a variety of levels of support to those who need it. The class teachers are there to provide support and pastoral care to all their students on a daily basis. This is supported by the Pupil Voice and Wellbeing managers in both Prep and Pre-Prep. Specialist support is also available via our school matrons and the school counsellor. 

Pastoral Care

At Bickley Park pastoral care is central to everything we do. We recognise its importance, underpinning every element of your child’s education. 

Our years of experience working with children up to 13 years of age ensures that we understand the unique physical, emotional and developmental challenges they face and we work with every child as an individual, giving them the skills and support necessary to equip them for their future.

Relationships form the core of everything we do. Peer relationships are vitally important in ensuring all our pupils are happy at school. Through our Pastoral Care and PSHE programme, we ensure that from the youngest to the oldest, all our children have the skills necessary to form healthy, happy relationships. 

We also recognise the importance of the relationships between staff and pupils, which is built on mutual respect and trust, allowing all our children to flourish.

Pupils having a voice at school is a vital part of our ethos. Our two staff Pupil Voice and Wellbeing Managers, located in Pre-Prep and Prep, provide support and guidance for all pupils. 

The Pre-Prep and Prep School Councils are integral to life at Bickley Park. They both meet on a regular basis and their ideas and thoughts are passed on to the Senior Leadership Team. Most recently the school council has been involved in the designing of the Pre-Prep playground, they have formed part of the discussion around how playtimes work in Prep and are happy and willing to raise many other areas for discussion.