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ISIBickley Park School Inspection Report Inspection Report 2015

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Bickley Park School Inspection Report

ISI Inspection 'Outstanding' Report EYFS 2012  

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Bickley Park School is an exceptional school with exceptional ambition: to provide a world class education for boys.

And why not? Many of the U.K’s independent schools and universities are regarded as world beaters. Schools should have a global mind set and aim to help prepare pupils to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly globally connected, challenging world.

Bickley boys go on to world class senior schools. Their academic performance pushes GCSE standards: three pupils, two aged 12 and one 13, achieved an A and two A*s in Spanish G.C.S.E in August 2014. They participate in a wide range of sports, sometimes up to national level. A range of musical experiences are open to the boys, including tours to Venice, Verona, Paris and New York. They participate in high quality art, design technology and food technology programmes. A challenging outdoor education programme includes Year 8 walking 180 miles along one of the world’s more challenging walks: Offa’s Dyke. Teachers and parents work closely together to support the children’s education and Bickley Park’s future development.

All that boys at Bickley Park School have achieved and aspire to achieve stands in marked contrast to some astonishing facts: in the U.K’s predominantly mixed schools, boys are being out-performed by girls across every phase of education from nursery to university. Many more boys than girls are deemed to have behavioural problems and appear on special educational needs registers. Yet boys are capable of great things given the right approach and the right environment. They want to achieve. One piece of research suggests boys need positive male role models much more than girls need positive female role models to motivate them to learn. Bickley Park is building on this research by attracting world beaters to the school to speak to the boys, including visits by a world record breaking Atlantic rower and an ex-world downhill paralympic ski champion.

Above all, Bickley Park boys are world beaters in terms of their manners and the confidence with which they engage with others. Don’t take my word for it. Come and meet them and enjoy a tour of this gem of a school.

Patrick Wenham