Prep Department

As boys progress through Prep they will find that increasing age and responsibility have their rewards. A wide range of opportunities will open up to them – from representing their school at sport to taking new subjects that stretch their abilities.

Firmly on course

Although academic learning becomes more strongly focused in Prep, we firmly believe in the benefits to be gained from a broad curriculum. The four quadrants offer a huge range of opportunities for boys to acquire a love of learning, fire their interest and develop skills for life.

From Year 4 onwards, all subjects are taught by specialist teachers. Key subjects are divided into sets, so that boys can learn at the speed that is best for them – and get the help and encouragement they need to steer them towards their chosen senior school. Half-termly reports mean we can keep parents fully informed of their son’s progress and ensure that all ouBickley Park Nov 2015-152r boys get the opportunities and support they need to develop to their full potential.

The finishing straight

As their journey at Bickley Park enters the final two years, we believe the value of the prep school system is most clearly illustrated. Rather than leaving at 11 and finding themselves small fry in a senior school, they work towards gold-standard exams when they are 13, which provide excellent preparation for G.C.S.E. They gain leadership skills through undertaking significant positions of responsibility. Entering the teenage years in this position can give boys a tremendous sense of achievement and security at a crucial time in their lives.

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