Boys’ Best Friend


Unlike the rest of the world, Selkie celebrated ‘D Day’ on Tuesday, June 4th. In her case, ‘D Day’ stands for ‘Dog Day’.

D Day was made for Selkie when Rose, a community liaison worker from Morrisons, delivered a hamper of dog treats that morning in recognition of the work she does supporting the boys at Bickley Park. Being very community minded, Selkie decided there was far too much in the hamper for her own needs, so a competition was organised in which the boys could try and win the hamper by submitting the best photo of their pet dog accompanied by a brief reason why their dog means so much to them.

Here are some of the photos sent in:

The winner of the hamper was John (Y7) who composed this poem about why his dog, Ruby, is important to him:

Ruby is red like the autumn trees,

Her coat is soft, with definitely no fleas,

She runs around the park looking for birds

But all she hears is my mum’s loud words.


Ruby is as friendly as can be,

She can jump like a spring and face me

But when she jumps out of surprising places

Some people smile, some people have confused faces.


Ruby is more than just a mutt,

She curls up tight like a doughnut.

And when I play my cornet loud,

She howls like crazy and draws a crowd.


I love my Ruby Doo, I do,

She also loves me through and through

There is one thing though, I can never do

Is carry the bags and pick up the poo.  — (my mum does it!)