Visiting Reception

Hello, my name is Matthew and I am delighted to be Deputy Head Boy for the Spring Term. I have been at Bickley Park since I was 2 ½.

Me In Reception

As some of you might know, it was the Reception open morning on Saturday. If you have never been to see the amazing new Reception building, I would highly recommend visiting.

I remember being excited about starting at BPS, as my older brothers were already having a great time at Prep and Pre-Prep. On my first day, I was up early and eager to get going. I can’t fully remember a lot of the day itself, but I know I had a huge smile on my face and was ready to do it all over again the next day. Most of my Pre-Prep memories are from Bumble Bees, where we learned how to read, write and do algebraic equations (OK, maybe we didn’t learn to do algebra until Year 5!).  I also recall numerous handwriting lessons – not that you would know today, but it was still valuable. Looking back at those years, I know Pre-Prep provided a safe and happy learning environment. In my early years, I was a very shy person, but Reception and Y1, really taught me how to be a confident speaker.

Me and my brothers at BPS

We all had a great time, on Saturday, meeting everyone who came and visited Reception. It was great to meet some parents and boys who will hopefully join BPS in the future.

Also, on February 2nd, we hosted a movie night for Y3 and Y4. All the boys enjoyed pizza and a film with their friends. A lot of laughs and food were shared. Myself and Freddie (Y8) enjoyed playing the film for the boys.

All of the Y8s have been endeavouring to do well in their entrance exams for year 9. With sports, academic and drama scholarship trials, we have had a busy few weeks. Now we are heading towards half-term with only one week to go until the Year 6, 7 and 8 BPS ski trip. We are all extremely excited about it and, like last time, we all are going to have a great time with lots of memories and great laughs with us and the teachers. Now I have to pack for the trip: we are going to need so many layers as temperatures will hopefully be at 0 so we can have a lot of snow. BPS has organised incredible trips over the years, some of which I have been lucky enough to attend, such as the trip to Naples 2018, the ski trip and now the 2019 ski trip.