Two Exciting Speakers to kick off the new term!

Hello! My name is Miles and I am very excited to be the new Deputy Head Boy for the Autumn Term. I hope everyone is settling into the new school year and getting used to the new classroom locations, science labs and their new teachers.

As some of you will know, Bickley Park is lucky enough to have frequent speakers come to the school and this term is no different. In fact, we’ve already had two speakers come into the school and we are only two weeks into term.

Our first speaker of the new school year was Ruari Bell, a professional rally driver who travels all around Britain and Europe competing in an array of competitions. Ruari is also a Bickley Park School old boy! On Tuesday, he delivered an engrossing talk on his adventures, competing in rally events across The Globe. For those of you that don’t know, rally is a form of motorsport, which involves driving on dangerous and challenging roads in a normal car (although they do receive special enhancements for speed and grip) over a series of stages, whilst trying to put in the fastest time possible. Ruari talked about the different aspects of his sport, running us through a typical race week, from testing on Monday, to high-speed racing on Friday through to Sunday. He also talked about the remarkable endurance and concentration shown by rally drivers – one small mistake and a week’s hard work can be undone in an instant! He was a very good sport and showed us some of his crashes, which drew many ooohs and aaahs from the audience! He can’t have crashed too often though, because just last Sunday he was crowned champion of the Junior British Rally Championship, winning a 60 000 euro cheque to put towards entering the Junior WORLD Rally Championship next year!

Then, two days later on Thursday, we were very fortunate to have Charlie Walker come back to the school. Charlie is a British adventurer, who has also written a book and gives motivational speeches. It was Charlie’s third visit to Bickley Park School and he told us about a latest incredible adventure.

This time Charlie travelled to Papua New Guinea, one of The World’s remotest countries and one of the few places that still hasn’t been completely explored. Charlie planned to travel from coast back to coast via the country’s tallest mountains before paddling down the country’s longest river, the Sepik, as well having to hack through forest using only a machete, just to reach these places. Even if everything went to plan, this was no easy task and Charlie faced plenty of adversity during this adventure – from breaking his foot just weeks before departure to being told he couldn’t climb a mountain by locals after four days of endless hacking through the jungle. As well as a terrifying near-death experience after falling off his raft and becoming stuck under a tree in a river (all captured on camera!), Charlie managed to complete his remarkable challenge, with the aid of his trusty hammock sponsored by Bickley Park!

Thank you for reading my blog this week, I hope everyone who attended the talks enjoyed them as much as I did. To finish, I would like to say that Bickley frequently has an array of incredible speakers and I would urge you to go and see as many of them as possible. Thank you again and I am looking forward to writing again in a couple of weeks!