The Last Stretch

As you may or may not already know, Common Entrance is this week and Year 8 are all preparing for the ‘final stretch.’ Although most have got into their schools, myself and two others need to pass Common Entrance to secure our place at Tonbridge, so, as you can imagine, we are all working hard to achieve our goal. Good luck to all the candidates: I know you have all been working incredibly hard these few months leading up to Common Entrance.

I was very amused and inspired last Thursday when my brother, my father and I went to Lords Cricket Ground to watch a charity game where the Windies took on the ICC Rest of the World squad in aid of Hurricane Relief. The Windies batted first and, when the Windies got back on the field ready to bowl, we noticed Chris Gayle, the legendary former Windies captain, wasn’t on the field. After a good 15 minutes, we saw him on the balcony of the pavilion watching his side bowl. After the game, we had the pleasure of meeting Chris and I asked him why he had not been fielding. I knew he wasn’t a great fielder, but I was still curious. He replied with, ‘I wanted to give the young lads a go!’

I will never forget that.

I hope everyone in the school is looking forward to the range of exciting activities to come this term and I wish everybody a great end of year!

Next year will be time for a new set of young lads to have a go…