The fascinating life of Cats!

For too long, dogs have hogged all the limelight at Bickley, from the now famous Selkie, who has her own rather impressive blog, to the recent dog competition (well done to John and Oliver for their great dog photos!). However, as a firm fan of the cat, I feel it is time to rectify this imbalance and show off why we all love our cats and tell the world who has the superior pet!

In order to show the Bickley community why I think that cats are better, I would like the readers of this blog to meet my cats Lappy and Penny. Lappy is a loud cat and likes to yell at anyone she starts to like… this is particularly true early in the morning on the weekend when no one has emerged to keep her company and fill up her cat bowl. She also enjoys hiding in the dark places that match the colour of her fur. On the opposite side of the coin, you find the fair haired, boisterous Penny: she spends half her days roaming round the house and the rest of them sleeping next to a radiator (oh and sadly, some time each day is spent at the take-away counter ie. The tree at the bottom of the garden where lovely, tasty little birds can be acquired with fairly minimal effort!).




My cats really demonstrate everything you could want from a pet:

  • they are loving, but also give you room to do other things and do not desperately crave attention – like dogs do.
  • Cats are also happy to be left to their own devices, meaning it is no hassle when you and your family are not at home.
  • Dog owners fear those rainy days when their day has been hideous and British weather does what British weather does best: pull the heavens asunder (thanks for teaching me that great word in verbal reasoning Mrs Patel!) and let the rain come down in torrents. However, whatever the weather, they have to grit their teeth and go for a walk with their dogs. Meanwhile, us cat owners sit inside a nice cosy house with a living hot water bottle perched upon our laps, purring loudly and enjoying chilling.
  • Also, to put it into politer words, a cat does his or her business far away from the house, neatly buried, meaning the owner does not need to bend over with a plastic bag in hand to pick it up while trying to think of anything but that awful smell.

Now you have been enlightened on why our feline friends are superior, I think it would be good to learn more of the ways they communicate with us human folk.

Firstly, cats are famous for their meow. Many think this is just some random meaningless sound a cat makes, but they are wrong: this call does have a meaning. When a cat meows, it is asking a human for something that it wants, like food or attention. This language is only reserved for humans and cats do not make this sound to other cats.

Secondly, the cats famous purr sound is what a cat makes when they feel happy, calm and relaxed. This sound a cat makes is easy to hear, especially when you give them a good gentle stroke on the back while they doze on your lap.

If you want to learn more about cat language click here for a breakdown of what your cat is trying to say:

And now I must return to my latest book:

After reading this, I may feel differently about my gorgeous girls BUT, until then, to copy a line from the amusing film, ‘Cats and Dogs’,

Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!