Looking to the future

Looking to the future


I hope you all had a great half term break. Perhaps you were lucky enough to go away with family and friends or maybe, like me, you stayed back home.

During my half term – apart from a trip to the dentist (aaargh!) – I watched a film about the pop artist will.I.am and his I.am.angel.foundation. Many of you will know will.i.am from his band “The Black Eyed Peas” and from being on “The Voice” on Saturday evenings, on ITV, but lesser known is his charity work and how he is inspiring children through S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).

Will is trying to show young people that the future is huge and the future is digital and that by using STEM they can also increase their artistic talents – as he has in abundance. As Will says “When I was young they only taught me History – they didn’t teach me Future!”.

What is even more inspiring about Will is that he did not have the opportunities when he was a boy that we all have daily. Born into a single parent family, in a very poor neighbourhood in Los Angeles, most of Will’s classmates were destined to a life of poverty, drug dealing or jail but, through a talent for music and being “a little bit different”, Will persevered and realised that his life was not going to be bound by the four walls of his home or because people “from the Projects knew their place”.

It is often said that our generation are a lot more “tech savvy” than our parents. What Will has shown us is that this can be a highly useful tool for science, learning, entrepreneurship and performance.