Gajan’s Final Blog

Gajan’s Final Blog

Gajan here! These past few weeks have been very exciting with all sorts of news and extra-curricular activities such as the school plays. On

November  22nd, Year 6-8 performed a wonderful play for Year 2 and for some of our friends who are deaf at Darrick Wood. We used props that some of the other year 6-8s had made. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance and I found it quite nice to do something to support a local community group. Speaking of community, Mr. Howard, a parent of a Bickley Park boy, slept out on the streets of London to raise money and to draw awareness to the lives of homeless people. Luckily, I had an opportunity to ask him some questions about his experience:

What was the environment like where you were sleeping? Was it cold?

It was a large grass square directly in front of Euston Station. Thankfully the temperature was about 10 degrees, so it wasn’t that bad – the following evening was – 1, so we were quite fortunate!

Were you in total darkness for the whole night? Were you scared?

I was scared actually. I felt a bit edgy all day, if that makes sense. I agreed to do this some months ago and didn’t really think about the actual practicalities of it until close to the time. We were very close to the Marylebone Road so the street lights ensured that there was no absolute darkness. We did have a level of discreet security around us, so that was quite comforting.

What did you do for food and water?

I had water and two flasks, one full of Heinz Tomato soup, which is a cure for everything, and one full of coffee, which was great in the morning .

Did the experience help you understand what it must be like to be homeless?

Yes it did , we spoke to a few of them and Oliver, who was with me at the beginning of the night, handed out some of the warm clothing that the kind-hearted parents at Bickley Park had donated.  I was only there for one night, so to really understand how it is you must, I suppose, live with them for longer.  It is odd, though: we are the sixth biggest economy in the world and yet the homeless problem continues to blight our cities.

Did you have a disturbed or peaceful night?

No: the traffic in London is quite relentless – I can’t account for the time between two and five so that must have been my sleep!

How did you entertain yourself?

We were talking. There were about 15 of us and I knew most of them. Some people played cards or went on social media.

How much money are you hoping to raise?

No money: just the clothing.  Again, the Bickley Park contribution was terrific.

Will you do it again?

If asked, yes I think so.

Did anyone else do it with you?

People from other newspapers- I am the Daily Mirror.  The Sun and Mail were there also.

We will never forget the experience!

Like many of the boys, I found it extremely selfless of Mr. Howard to do this. Thank you to all the parents who donated coats and a big one to Mr. Howard for doing this.

On Thursday, November 30th, ‘An Evening of Oscar Wilde’ was performed by the drama enrichment scheme. It featured the play ‘The Importance of being Earnest’.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and most people laughed quite a lot. Thank you to Mr. Brook, Mrs. Marriott, Mrs. Boyce and Mrs. Evans for helping us put on this play.

The Christmas fair took place on Friday. It was AMAZING. There were a variety of stalls. Year 8 boys were selling hand-made products which they had made in DT. The choir sang some lovely carols and there were real life REINDEERS. The BPSA pulled out all the tricks this year. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this.

As this is my last blog, I would like to thank Mr. Wenham for giving me the role of Deputy Head Boy for the Autumn Term and also to all who have read my blogs. Thank you very much.