Fascinating future predictions

Two weeks ago, many of us enjoyed a talk by Narak Viridian about future technology.  It got me thinking about what might be happening at Bickley in 50 years time.  Here are some predictions:

  • Mr Hornby will still be handing out Demerits to boys who forget to sign in (on the digital, thumbprint register)
  • The library will have millions of books that will travel on kindle-like devices to every lesson (no need for physical books – sorry, Mrs Copley!)
  • We will have additional playgrounds on the roofs of buildings to maximize space (with some kind of safety nets to ensure the matrons of the future are not stressing over boys falling from dizzy heights)
  • There will be some new sports that have yet to be invented…though I somehow think the original Great British sports (football, rugby, cricket) will STILL feature in the lives of Bickley boys


Apparently teachers will not be replaced by robots so you can expect to see the full range of teacher types – grumpy, harsh, kind, helpful, funny, not-so-funny in your grandchildren’s classrooms.  Self-driving cars will transport students to and from Bickley where they will take part in innovative and creative learning (robots will do all the rest). Hopefully, exams will be a thing of the past.  Speaking of which….


Year 8 have had an intense couple of weeks as we have been doing exams for potential schools for September.  I have learnt a few things about revising well but this needs to be balanced with downtime.  We will all be facing exams in the summer (yes, Year 8 will be joining in again with Common Entrance exams) so I have come up with a couple of top tips for exams:

1. Eat healthily and get plenty of


A Friday night curry and chocolate is

perfectly acceptable

2. Practice Papers – revise for all


Cinema trip/bowling (think of a treat

you would enjoy to celebrate exams


3. Prepare your bag with correct stationery Learn something new – it’s fun

(I decided to make a soufflé – see picture

below. Not bad for a first try!)

4. Try your best No regrets!  You gave it your all and that is  enough

And now onto PSHE and the themes we have been looking at so far this term.  We are focusing on working together and persevering even when things are challenging.  This got me thinking about Lego.  Any Lego fans out there?  I am always impressed by the kinds of amazing Lego kits you get these days, yet in essence, they still remain the same little blocks that my Dad enjoyed all those years ago.  Bizarre fact:  did you know, Lego was founded in 1932 in Denmark?  The great thing about lego is that it all works together and no piece is really more important than another piece.  I think this is a rather good metaphor for school (what do you think Mrs Evans?).  Just like bits of Lego, alone we are nothing special (in fact, a single piece of lego can cause surprising amounts of pain if you happen to stand on a random piece in the dark!), BUT together, it can become something quite impressive.  Our Bickley community is better because of all the little Lego blocks that make up its design…..and of course that other great thing about Lego is that you can keep creating new structures…. so it is with Bickley.  Every day at school we are working together and being creative.  For me, that is what makes the future exciting.  There are so many possibilities and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what grand designs await all of us in the great unknown that is ahead of us!

This week’s reference section is quite brief but you might find the following interesting:

https://www.lego.com/en-gb/aboutus/lego-group/the_lego_history (yes, this is a brief history of Lego – you can scroll across the timeline to find what was new in the world of Lego during different decades)

https://www.factretriever.com/lego-facts  (bizarre but interesting facts – did you know the plural of Lego is …. drum roll …. Lego! AND there are apparently 86 Lego bricks for EVERY person on earth!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n-jrifMjog – (7 minutes showing some of the most bizarre and amazing Lego creations.  The presenter is a little annoying, but it’s definitely worth a watch – I particularly loved the top 3!)