Expeditions Day

Hello again Bickley Park!

We have come to the end of this half-term and the start of our autumn holiday. I think it is safe to say that the past 6 ½ weeks have been filled with interesting and exciting events. Today, I decided to write my blog about Expeditions Day, when the school became deserted by most students who enjoyed a fun-filled day in different locations.

Year 3 and 4 both went to visit the Cutty Sark (the fastest tea clipper in the world) and the Greenwich Maritime Museum, where they learnt about British Naval history, and how food and goods were transported to and from England before the invention of the modern engine. Here are some interesting facts about the Cutty Sark :
• It takes its name from a poem by Robert Burns called Tam O’Shanter. It refers to a short nightie worn by one of the main characters in the poem, a young, attractive witch called Nannie
• The Cutty Sark is 150 years old
• 653 men served on it
• It is home to the world’s biggest collection of figureheads (the carved wooden figures that adorn ships’ prows) thanks to an eccentric maritime history lover.

Year 5 stayed at school and took part in a fascinating World War I workshop. They learnt lots about the trenches and how war affects people. Unfortunately, for some, their talk was cut short due to the fact they were playing in the St Dunstan’s Rugby Tournament, which, I am proud to say, they won. Well done team !

Year 6 and 7 also shared their trip to the Excel exhibition centre to take part in the world’s greatest science festival. Here, visitors had the chance to view a huge range of scientific concepts, from exploring the lunar surface to finding out how artificial intelligence, robots and 3D printing are transforming the future of healthcare. They learnt about  science that will save the planet and the technologies that will change what it means to be human.

Year 8 were lucky enough to take a trip to the Imperial War Museum, where they studied warfare across different times like the First World War and also modern warfare.  For me, the most interesting thing to see was how war does not just threaten people’s lives, but also the cultural treasures that help define us. ‘Culture Under Attack’ is a series of  exhibitions, live music, performances and talks at IWM London. It explores why some people attack culture, whilst some risk everything to protect and celebrate it.


What a fantastic day it was for all the years at Bickley Park ! A huge thank you to the teachers for organising and taking us all to these amazing places, whilst broadening our knowledge.

As the two week half-term commences, I would encourage you to try and explore further the world around you : go to places, learn new things and have a wider view of your surroundings.



There is more to life than just PS4 and Xbox…


Enjoy your half term !