A Step Back In Time…

Hello, my name is Tom, and I will be joining Head Boy Finley as his Deputy for the autumn term.

As you will know, this year is the centenary of Bickley Park School and, in order to celebrate, all the boys from Reception through to Year 8 will be taking part in various activities to mark the occasion. The first of these was on Tuesday 18th September, when the school was transported back in time to 1918….

The day didn’t start too well for me because I was late and I wasn’t sure how I would be punished.  The cane maybe!? Hurrying in, I was quickly escorted to the playground where I saw my friends and teachers, almost unrecognisable in their Victorian outfits, marching up and down as if they were in the Army.

There was the constant reminder from the teachers, shouting at the boys to keep their backs as straight as a rod, and to swing their arms when they walked. This continued throughout the day as the boys marched between their handwriting lessons and their arithmetic lessons, where, if they did anything naughty, they were told to wear the Dunce’s hat or a sign around their neck stating what they had done wrong!

My favourite part of the day was the boxing lesson, coached by two ex-professional boxers. We went from working on the punching bags or with skipping ropes, to the tag boxing ring, where the aim was to get close enough to your opponent so that you could untie their tag around their waist.

After lunch, myself and the other year 8 boys spent the afternoon teaching Year 3 and Year 6 boys how to play games that were played over 100 years ago. These games included: jacks, marbles and tiddlywinks.

So, would I swap my life at Bickley now to how it was 100 years ago?  I have to say the food wasn’t the best, I couldn’t get to grips with the marching and I really missed having a football in the playground! However, the most shocking part of the day for me was that, even way back then, Mr Hornby still didn’t have any hair!