‘Tomorrow is a maybe; today is a privilege: let’s go make the most of today.’

People do some mad things.

I received an email from a BPS mum recently drawing my attention to someone who is doing a particularly mad thing and suggesting that we might invite him to visit the school.

Shocked by the news that a close friend had been diagnosed as having terminal prostate cancer, Nick Butter decided he would respond in a practical way by capitalising on his passion: running.

He set out to complete a marathon in each of the world’s 196 countries. When I clicked into his website a moment ago, he was 672 days 5 hours and 41 minutes into this remarkable challenge and had just completed his 195th marathon! To get an idea of the scale of this achievement, click on this link to see his running itinerary: https://www.runningtheworld196.com/itinerary

Nick Butter deals in big numbers. Here’s some of the remarkable stats he has clocked up:
– During his challenge he has burnt 1,200,000 calories. He cites his favourite food as being ‘steak’. I guess he must have eaten a few of those!
– He has taken 5,148,000 steps
– He has snapped 299,100 photos
– He has received one dog bite
– He has received £22,000 worth of donations which will go towards prostate cancer research.

Nick is very keen to share his experience with the next generation by visiting schools, not to generate income for himself, but to fund raise for the charity he is supporting and to help children understand a little more about the amazing world in which they live.

On his website, he writes:
‘By exploring, trying new things, pushing myself and never sitting back and saying I’ve finished, I’ll hopefully be able to inspire young minds, old minds, any minds; that we can all do our bit. Even if our ‘bit’ is just being grateful for today.’

I’ve just heard that Nick is going to visit Bickley Park to inspire us between 7 and 8.15pm on January 28th. Let’s do our bit to support him and his quest to support research into a cure for those unlucky enough to suffer prostate cancer.