Looking into the Future

Planning is currently taking place for Bickley Park’s second centenary term in which the focus will shift from celebrating the school’s past to considering the future. Everything experts write about how society and the workplace will develop in the coming years suggests the rate of change will accelerate.

Kinpo is a Taiwanese electronics giant. It employs 40,000 people and has a turnover of $36bn a year. It has developed some ground-breaking products. The key to success, says chief executive Simon Shen, is thinking far into the future.

In a brief interview, Shen talks about the courage needed to risk failure by developing original ideas that may not prove successful. This mind set is one that time and again experts are saying will be an even greater feature of the future world of business. Schools should take heed and consider how they can develop pupils who can problem solve and think creatively; have the resilience and courage to deal with setbacks and who have the capacity to manage risk effectively.


Four events have been planned for the centenary future-focused term:

  • ‘Future Day’ will be the antithesis of 1918 Day by transporting Bickley into schooling of the future.
  • A careers event is planned when pupils from Reception to Y8 will be introduced to a range of potential future careers.
  • A talk by Narek Verdian: Humans V Technology: The Future of Jobs
  • The ‘Lend us a Tenner’ challenge will aim to develop the entrepreneurs of the future.

The careers event will aim to bring the future into the present. Schools’ career advice is generally poor and delivered far too late. Children have an innate interest in the adult world they will enter, but their understanding of potential career paths is often ill-informed. Research suggests that if you can answer the question in a boys’ head ‘what’s in it for me?’ you potentially have a more motivated, engaged learner. Establishing a link between what happens at school and the workplace at an early stage will bring relevance and purpose to learning. Boys will be able to take part in a range of careers focused activities at the jobs fair, whilst some will visit different places of work to see jobs being undertaken in the real world. In addition, a hugely successful young entrepreneur, Ambrose Cooke, will give an insight into the future of work.

A child who is informed, motivated and equipped with the right skills and mind set is most likely to become an adult making the most of a challenging, interesting future world.