Looking Forwards

‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.’

Malcolm X

This term switches our centenary focus away from the past and towards the future. Like the Roman god, Janus, who gives his name to the first month of the year, we should keep an eye on the past, with all those lessons that can be learnt and yet are so often we ignore; but we should also look to the future.

The legendary human rights activist, Malcolm X, advocated the importance of preparing for the future today and this thought underpins this term’s centenary programme.

The first centenary event is a talk by Narek Verdian about the future of the workplace: ‘Humans V Technology’, leading neatly into BPS’s very own careers fair. Last term, every boy from Reception to Year 8 was asked to say what careers they are potentially interested in pursuing when older. A wide range of choices were cited, with the most popular choices being within the world of sport, financial services, engineering, medicine, science, the police, the emergency services, technology, law, as well as being a pilot and a you-tuber. Some of the more interesting choices included becoming a spy, a king, a pirate, a billionaire, Spiderman, a Kung-Fu master and a hunter in the jungle! There has been a terrific response from parents and others whose stalls will represent many of the career choices suggested by pupils. Stall holders will include two Bickley Park old boys: Seni Majekodunmi, a nationally ranked athlete who, having become injured, is now Logistics Manager for the England Football Team; also, Morgan Hudson, who left the school last year and is set to star in the CBBC series Jamie Johnson (Series 4) this Spring. Morgan is currently presenting a children’s news programme every weekend on Sky and will speak to his former school mates about how to make it in television. Also speaking about a career in television will be Steve Regan, Head of Entertainment for Channel 5. An international rugby player will speak about the challenges and rewards of playing sport at the highest level. In addition, boys will learn about more contemporary career paths, such as from Ambrose Cooke who, in spite of being in his early twenties, has made millions from developing an app. It is hoped the careers fair will help to answer the question that research suggests resonates loudly in a boy’s head: ‘What’s in it for me?’ when linking learning at school to preparing for a job they may potentially do in the future.

‘Future Day’ will provide a fascinating foil to last term’s 1918 Day in challenging the boys’ assumptions about what an education of the future might look like. The ‘Lend us a Tenner’ challenge will help develop the entrepreneurs of the future. The new Science Labs will include in their design a time capsule to be opened in 2069 A.D., with contents that describe the present and speculate as to what the future might look like. BPS old boy, Sir Anthony Seldon, will be speaking about the thinking behind his book ‘The Fourth Education Revolution’.

What an exciting programme!