Summer has arrived!

Hello, I am Alex and welcome to my first blog!

I have the privilege of being the Deputy Head Boy during this new summer term, a term with particular significance to me.  This is not only the final term of the current academic year, but also my final term at BPS, which is already making me feel nostalgic.  As we progress through this term, I will strive to be a successful Deputy Head Boy and continue Finlay’s excellent work.

I am so excited and energised that summer has finally arrived, my favourite season!  I hope you were all able to enjoy the glorious weather over the last Bank Holiday weekend as, my family and I enjoyed a delicious BBQ in the garden!

Our summer term promises to be busy, action-packed and memorable.  It has already kicked off with fellow Y8 boys preparing for their Common Entrance exams and my thoughts are with all my friends at this very important stage.

Alongside this, there have been exciting activities keeping the school calendar as packed as ever.

Poetry Competition

Last week, the final of the annual poetry competition took place.  The participants included the qualifiers from the previous rounds at BPS and Bromley High.  Congratulations to everybody who took part in this rewarding activity, especially the winner of the ‘Peddu’ Shield, Aaryan in Y5.

In addition, we have these forthcoming events.

The End of Term Concert

This is taking place on Wednesday, May 16th and promises to be an extremely enjoyable evening and one in which I shall have the pleasure of performing.

The Y7 & Y8 Social Evening

This relaxing evening will take place on Friday, May 18th.  It has kindly been organised by the BPSA to provide the senior boys with a welcome break from their exam preparation.  It will be a lovely way for all to enjoy quality time with friends.  Personally, I cannot wait for it!

Y5 Adventure School Trip

Finally, Y5 are keenly waiting to experience a fun, educational and adventurous school trip this week in Canterbury.

There is just so much to look forward to and I can really sense our high levels of enthusiasm and community at BPS!

Until next time, I wish everyone a happy term ahead!