Fees & Terms



  1. Fees are inclusive of all tuition, books, stationery, games, swimming, personal accident insurance, lunches and other meals where appropriate.
  2. Deposit – On acceptance of a definite place at the Nursery, a deposit of £500 is required. On acceptance of a definite place at the School, a deposit equivalent to one-half of the amount of the first term’s fees is required. Where boys move into the School from Nursery, the original deposit will be used in part-payment.
  3. Extras are limited to expenses such as:-
    1.  Outings, visits, expeditions etc. at cost.
    2.  Individual musical instrument lessons.
    3.  Paid for clubs, such as Taekwondo, Street Dance, Drama
    4.  External examination fees.
    5.  BPSA charge of £10 per term.
  4. Parents are asked to note that up to £25 per pupil per term may be spent without prior approval on educational visits and excursions, or on special events such as lectures or professional presentations arranged within the school which attract added cost. These sums will be invoiced for payment with the following term’s fees or will be deducted from the deposit if the pupil is leaving at the end of the term.
  5. Fees for the classes at the Nursery for less than five sessions per week are pro-rata.
  6. Fees for the term and extras for the previous term are payable on or before the first day of term. A late payment charge of 2% will be added to any amount outstanding for each month or part of a month that the amount is overdue from the first day of term in accordance with Condition 4. A pupil may be suspended or refused entry where fees are unpaid and not be allowed to return until the whole amount of any due fees, extras and late payment charges have been received.
  7. Notice of a complete term is required before a pupil is removed from the School. If written notice is not received at the School on or before the first day of term, the applicable fee for the subsequent term will become payable on or before the first day of that subsequent term.
  8. The fees are:
    Per Term
    Nursery Five Morning Sessions £2,200
    Nursery Five Full Day Sessions £3,275
    Pre-Prep Reception and Years 1 to 2 inclusive £3,760
    Prep Year 3 £4,265
    Prep Years 4 to 8 inclusive £4,910
  9.  After School Care is available between the hours of 3.00pm to 6.00pm at the Pre-Prep Department, for Pre-Prep pupils over 3 years old, and from 4.20pm to 6.30pm at the Prep Department, for pupils in Year 3-8, charged at £4.50 per half hour or part thereof. There is an automatic penalty charge of £20.00 for any boy collected after 6.00pm (Pre-Prep) and 6.30pm (Prep). This penalty charge rises by £10 per half hour thereafter.
  10. Breakfast Club is available for pupils from age 3½ upwards between the hours of 7.00am to 8.00am. Charges are £6.75 per day.