What the eyes don’t see

An up-date from Selkie’s dog blog is long over-due. Selkie continues to enjoy her daily visits to Bickley Park. She spends much of the time, at the moment, at the open patio doors, in the Headmaster’s office, watching the world go by. The boys love seeing her there and she thoroughly enjoys the attention she receives. What, however, is of greatest interest to her is a squirrel that has taken to taunting her by appearing periodically by the junior playground to bait her. This prompts her to bolt out of the doors, only for the squirrel to scuttle up the playground fence, then look down cheekily at her from the top. The eagerness with which Selkie pursues her quarry never diminishes, even though the contest is a mismatch.

Selkie has recently gone corporate. Her latest fashion statement is a purple collar, to align with BPS’s brand. Actually, the real reason is that so many people were mistaking her for a ‘he’ rather than a ‘she’ that Mrs Wenham thought a more feminine look was required.

Selkie entered a dog show for the first time at the weekend. She was in attendance at a quintessentially English fete in the village of Jevington. Needless to say, there was a dog show. Selkie entered the ‘most appealing eyes’ category, along with two dozen other eager dogs and even more eager owners. Sadly, Selkie was not awarded a rosette, with the judge seeming to err towards more local talent. However, it was a good experience for her and she left the judging ring with her head held high and the appeal within her eyes no less diminished. No doubt, she will aspire and endeavour to ensure her eyes are even more appealing next year.