Selkie’s Daytime Adventures

Quite often when I am asked by one of the boys where Selkie is, I say she is out with her dog walker, Sue. Here is an account of a day in the life of Selkie when she is with Sue:

Sue picks me up at 10 o’clock each morning during the school week. From about 9.30am, I wait patiently in the front hall, looking longingly at the door in anticipation of her arrival. While I am there, boys come and stroke me between lessons and sometimes I roll over on my back to have my tummy tickled.

When Sue arrives, I give her what I call my ‘whole body wag’ and she greets me with similar enthusiasm.

This is what happened today, after Sue arrived…

I climbed into Sue’s car and sat in the front seat, as I always do, with my great friend ‘Echo’ in the back seat. I say the back seat, but actually Echo always lunges at me and we have a 30 second play fight in the front seat while we wait for Sue to get in the car (she likes to chat with Mrs Wood). This morning, we went to pick up my friend Dennis the Dachshund before Sue drove us to Crofton Wood. We enjoy going there because, as Sue says, we like to ‘go bonkers’ in the big field by the wood. After romping around with Echo and Dennis for a bit, we headed off into woods to do some hunting. I love doing this, even though maybe I am not very good at it, because I never catch anything.

After a bit, it was time to take Echo and Dennis back to their homes. We then went to Sue’s. I went straight out into her garden, as I always do, to check there were no intruders, like cats and foxes. There weren’t, so I went inside to play with my toys. I like to decapitate and disembowel toys and I did a great job today. Sue loves to give me tennis balls and rubber balls to play with, which she gets from the Last Chance charity shop, which raises money for unwanted pets.

Well, it was a busy morning so, after lunch, I crept into Sue’s spare bedroom for a snooze on the bed (a bit naughty, I know!).

After my nap, I had another explore in the garden before it was time for my second walk. It was off to Elmfield Wood. I love to go there because I can hunt roe deer. You’ve guessed it, I didn’t catch one (maybe I will, one day?). We went into Norman Park to see if there was anyone to play with, but it was very quiet, so we returned to the woods and headed off to Hayes Farm. We saw lots of bunnies. Great! But, do you know, they’re awfully hard to catch? I like to go in the stream there and have a drink. 

We then headed back to the car. Every time I finish my second walk, I get back into front seat and my eyes begin to droop…I fall asleep sitting up, because I am so tired.

It was time for me to go home. Sue let me in through the backdoor before giving me a treat and saying cheerio. I gave her a tired wag and headed off to my basket to dream of catching roe deer, cats, foxes and bunnies.

P.S.: I have two other main friends I walk with: ‘Scamper’, who is a young Jack Russell Bichon Frise (he’s very naughty) who I like to play tug of war with, using a stick. Then there’s Jasper. Don’t tell anyone, but Jasper’s my boyfriend!’