Boys Only

Why focus on boys only?

Boys are being out-performed academically by girls from nursery to university and the gap is set to widen. It is believed that by 2025, 70% of graduates attending university in the U.K will be female. Tests conducted in Nursery and Reception classes in the U.K. show girls out-performing boys in all areas. This is a pattern that continues up to, and beyond, GCSE.

At Bickley Park School, Mad Science 3we do not believe boys are inherently weaker academically than girls. The school’s educational programme has at its core the implementation of current research aimed at motivating boys to achieve. If you frame education in a way that links to boys’ preferred way of learning and interests, it can significantly impact on their motivation to succeed and progress.

Boys are usually competitive by nature and will want to achieve if set suitable, challenging, yet attainable, boy-friendly goals. Outcome focused learning can impact positively on boys’ motivation to achieve. At Bickley Park School, the boys are actively supported in thinking big and aiming high.

Parents and staff at the school attend meetings and conferences at Bickley Park led by some of the leading researchers into how boys learn and what motivates them to achieve. Experts in the field of education regularly visit to talk to staff and parents about how to support boys’ educational journey. Our interest in boys’ learning extends beyond the classroom too. Throughout the school year boys are inspired by visiting speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds.