Working Together

Home-School Partnership

An important part of your son’s journey through Bickley Park will be the quality of the home-school partnership. The 2015 inspection judged links between BPS and its parent body to be excellent. An open, proactive relationship provides parents with a clear indication of pupils’ attainment and progress. Concerns are addressed swiftly and parental involvement is strongly encouraged, be it through termly forums, when class representatives meet with the Headmaster, senior managers and governors, or social events such as 2015’s Great Gatsby themed Summer Ball.

Successful fundraising

In the last year, 600 members of the school community undertook a sponsored walk to raise fund for Guide Dogs for the Blind and the new climbing wall; 100 fathers and sons took part in the BPS Grand Prix Go Karting event; parents and teachers and even the Headmaster jumped out of an airplane at 15,000 feet to raise funds for the Parachute Regiment Charities.

Engaging speakers

Information events and lectures for all members of the school community are a regular feature. In the last year, curriculum evenings have taken place, as well as talks by high profile speakers such as the man who jumped out of a helicopter at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics dressed as The Queen, the world’s leading expert on the Magna Carta and an ex-Captain of the All Blacks rugby team.

Extended day

Pre- and post-school day arrangements have been extended to cater for working parents. A breakfast club is available for our oldest nursery pupils right the way through the school from 7.00am. After school care is available until 6.00pm for pupils under 7 years old and until 6.30pm for Prep Department boys.

Active Parent Body

A strong parents’ association, the Bickley Park Parents’ Association (BPSA), organises a wide range of social and fund raising events throughout the year. The BPSA raises a significant amount of money to support the further development of the school.

Supporting Senior School Choices

A well-established structure is in place to provide parents with bespoke guidance and support in the process of selecting, then securing, places at senior schools of choice.