Prep Department enjoy curriculum-enriching trips

Year 3 exhibited exemplary team work when den building in Ashenbank Woods and demonstrated impressive resilience in spite of the persistent rain.

Year 4 enjoyed looking at the 17th century Dutch still life paintings by Willem Kalf and the textures in Van Gogh’s work at The National Gallery. Boys used their iPads to collect pictures of the artwork; the golden frames from 14th religious paintings; close ups of the texture in the impressionist landscape and still life paintings. The boys also took part in a workshop in which they learnt to play some of the instruments found in a Gamelan, which is an ensemble of instruments from Indonesia. They also saw some shadow puppets and even learnt a few dance moves. At Charing Cross, a TFL lady was overwhelmed by the politeness of the Y4 boys.

A Drama workshop at school in the morning set the scene for Year 5‘s visit to The Unicorn Theatre at London Bridge where the boys watched the story behind Laika, the Russian stray dog who was catapulted from the streets of Moscow to be the first living creature to orbit Planet Earth. The boys enjoyed the special effects, particularly the spectacular ending, as pyrotechnics were used to simulate a space rocket taking off. Amongst the small number of people in the theatre with Year 5 was Jenny Agutter, of ‘The Railway Children’ fame.

Year 6 visited the Hindu Temple in Wimbledon where they were fascinated to see a sacred fire ceremony and the daily bathing ceremony for Ganesh.
Year 7 visited KidZania to experience a myriad of potential future careers, such as learning how to land a plane using a British Airways flight simulator and giving a news broadcast.
Year 8 travelled to the ‘Let’s Race’ Formula One simulator centre in Horley, Surrey. The team of Luca, Rupert, Isaac and Alex proved victorious in the final one hour endurance race and Dylan performed the fastest lap. Data on the racers’ performance, including speed, breaking and accelerating, was compared and analysed. One day a Bickley boy may progress from go karting around Buckmore Park to racing a Formula One car around Silverstone!