Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Hello. My name is Oliver… but as your Head Boy for 2017-2018 you can call me Olly.

I hope you enjoyed the summer holidays as much as I did!

After listening to Ben Fogle’s inspiring speech at last term’s Prize Giving, I am very motivated to make the most of this year at school. I hope that you have enjoyed the first few days.

On Saturday, many parents, boys and dogs enjoyed a Community Walk in countryside near Norman Park. In good sunshine, this was a wonderful opportunity to mingle with new and old friends and set off the new term with a happy and communal start. The ice cream van at the finish provided us all with a happy end to the fun occasion!

The year ahead at Bickley Park School will be the 99th year of Bickley Park’s existence. This year, as students at Bickley Park, I want every pupil to work as hard as possible and, importantly, to think outside the box and go out of your comfort zone. This could be…. playing a new musical instrument, running a charity event, setting yourself a high goal that will be challenging to complete, or even trying out a new sport…. this year squash and golf matches have been added to the curriculum. These are just a few of the many things you could do to come outside your comfort zone.

Putting the challenges aside for a second, this is also a time to prepare for celebrations of 100 years of this great institution and I know Mr Wenham and the Senior Leadership Team have just announced a much needed and important addition to the school to coincide with the 100th year anniversary next September: a new Performing Arts Centre. This will ensure that the next 100 years at Bickley Park School are transformational for those who follow us and will really add to our existing excellent facilities. Please support this cause as much as you can!

To those of you entering the school for the first time, it can seem a large and confusing place. So many new people, places to go and so much to do! But Bickley is a warm and friendly school and you will all settle in to your new year very quickly. Remember, all the staff will make sure you get the best of your years here and they will encourage you and guide you all the way.

Deputy Head Boys

I would like to introduce you to my work partners – the Deputy Head Boys – who will greatly assist me during the year.

During the Autumn Term, I will be happily working with Gajan who will bring his enthusiasm and grit to what is a very challenging role within the school.

In the Spring Term Finlay will be my Deputy. Finlay is not only a keen academic, but also an excellent sportsman and his intelligence and drive will be of great assistance to me.

In the Summer Term Alex will be the Deputy Head Boy. Alex is an outstanding musician and so his orchestration of a long and important term will be vital.

I am delighted to be working with Gajan, Finlay and Alex and, every now and then, they will be writing blogs of their own. As a team, we will make sure we push the school in the right direction and keep you updated of new developments within the school.

Keeping you up to date

Within my blogs, I will be informing you about what is going on throughout the academic year.

Remember Bickley Park School is a democratic place. Things change because times change and opinions change. And that is how things improve as well.

Please come and talk to me if you have issues that concern you. We all have concerns and issues that we have to deal with but, as a team, we will always come out stronger.  Remember there is no “i” in team.

I hope you all have a happy and successful year.

Aspire. Endeavour. Achieve.




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