Before half-term

Hi. Gajan here again! The two weeks at school prior to the half-term were fantastic and here are just a few highlights:

On Tuesday, 10th October, Father Richard, the Vicar at St. George’s church, visited Prep and Pre-Prep to lead the Harvest Festival. The Prep service was delightful and cleverly engaged the mind of every boy in the room. He showed us how God’s hand helps the farmers to produce fresh harvest and demonstrated the teamwork involved in the process by blind-folding Spencer and getting a younger boy to guide him from one end of the theatre to the other while he held a seed with chopsticks. This perfect metaphor really caught my attention! Special thanks to every boy who brought in tinned vegetables which will go to the food bank and provide food to the people who cannot get fresh harvest. Here is the wonderful display of the tinned food cans displayed by s ome of the Year 8 boy s at Pre-Prep.

On Friday, October 13th, we were also fortunate enough to enjoy an event organised by the BPSA: Bingo Night. The evening had a fantastic turnout. Mr. Dean, who acted as ‘caller’, also educated us about the famous bingo names when calling out the numbers.

I learned that the calling name for 66 is ‘Clickety-Click’ and for 88 is ‘Two Fat Ladies’!  I must say that the tuck shop provided everyone with a large and fantastic selection of sweets and drinks.  We were all spoilt for choice! There were lots of winners (more boys than parents), with interesting clues which we had to figure out to select which prize we wanted. Thank you BPSA and Mr. Dean for providing such a fun night!

On Wednesday 18th October, Year 3 – 8 were fortunate enough to participate in Expeditions Day. Each year group visited a different place. Year 3 went on a trip to the woods, to learn about the environment; Year 4 went into London to play the Gamelan (a set of Indonesian musical instruments) and enjoy workshops in The National Gallery; after doing some drama workshops at school, Year 5 went to the Unicorn Theatre to watch a play about Laika: a dog the Russians sent into space; Year 6 went to a Hindu temple in Wimbledon; Year 7 went to Kidzania to experience various jobs and Year 8 went to ‘Let’s Race’ in London to practise on Formula 1 racing simulators. These expeditions were all thoroughly enjoyed by the boys and I would like to thank the teachers for organising this event.

On the Friday morning, we had the pleasure of watching 8AH’s performance of the crazy traditions of the Addams family.  It was hilarious and performed extremely well.  That afternoon, Noah, with the help of some Year 4s, kindly put on a Halloween bake sale to raise funds for Project PAC. The cakes and cookies were marvelous. Thank you Noah for your kindness. What a way to end the first half of the term!

I hope, having had a wonderful half term, you have returned relaxed, refreshed and looking forward to the remaining part of the term.