The Power of 99

The Power of 99

Just over 99 years ago, the very first Bickley Park boys crossed the threshold of their new school at 24 Page Heath Lane. It’s a very exciting time to be involved in the school as the weeks rush by in the lead up to our centenary year. Between now and the end of term, a consultation will be taking place with members of the school community to discuss ideas about how we can mark this special time in BPS’s history with a number of memorable events.

A curtain raiser is planned in July 10th, 2018 which will be called ‘The Power of 99’. At the tail end of the school’s 99th year of existence, we will attempt to set a world record for the most number of people eating a 99 ice cream at the same time. Hopefully 999 of us will be arranged in the shape of a large 99 on the sports field. One very lucky child will get to eat a very special 99 ice cream: a billionaire’s ice cream, provided by Selfridges, which retails at £99.

We intend the Bickley Park centenary to be celebrated by looking backwards into the past at the school’s interesting heritage; forwards into the exciting future that lies ahead and outwards in engaging with and supporting other communities. ‘The Power of 99’ challenge will be an outward-facing event that won’t just be an ice cream fest, but an occasion that benefits others.

Every boy in Year 3-8 will have the opportunity to be involved in understanding about the planning of the event with the intention that they acquire an understanding of how to organise a large scale project,  whilst developing their understanding of basic business and entrepreneurial skills. How do you provide 999 people with a 99 ice cream at the same time? How can the cost of the event be covered?

One thing is for sure: ‘The Power of 99’ event will provide the boys with a memory of a life time and something that will hopefully be remembered when the school celebrates its second centenary in 2118!