The Beehive – Issue 25

From The Headmaster

Year 1 and 2 had a wonderful time in their BPSA organised ‘Activity Event’. They were run ragged playing football, French cricket, undertaking a problem solving challenge called ‘Minefield’ and a drawing activity where the boys had to create life size versions of themselves. Thank you to Tom Bingham for coordinating the event and the mums who assisted – a lot of fun was had by all the boys. View more photos in the Gallery.


Year 3 worked really hard on their natural energy vehicles and, in order to test them out, had a Formula 1 style championship. The buggy that travelled the furthest in each race went forward to the next round. It was a highly charged tournament, but there could only be one winner from each class: Jake Langton in 3LMW and Alexander Chambers in 3JG.

The first ever tennis match on the new Astro took place this week, with BPS achieving a 3-1 victory over opponents from Merton Court.

Congratulations to Aayan Ratnayaka who represented Kent in the national U11 squash festival in Manchester last month. Aayan won several matches in helping Kent get to the Final, where they lost to Sussex ‘A’ by one point.

The two Maxes, Max Cain and Max Woolf, tested their toughness in the Mini Mudder course at Henley-on-Thames last weekend and proved themselves to be toughest of all in winning the event.

Well done to Oliver Haycocks who, for the third year in a row, cycled from Bickley to Brighton. Phew!

The Reception boys had a wonderful Den Building day at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens on Wednesday. The competitive streak was to the fore as dads and the boys produced an exceptionally high number of quality dens. Despite the wilds of the early May weather it was a fantastic day for all involved. The centre manager wrote an email to Miss Showell which said: I have to say we thought the boys were impeccably behaved, I came out to wave you off and saw the coach half way down the drive, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t heard you all getting back on the coach!’  View more photos in the Gallery.


Year 2 and 6 attended road safety talks this week. The boys participated with interest and enthusiasm as they discussed ways in which they could keep themselves safe, be it as a pedestrian, a cyclist or when being driven in a car. After their talk, Year 6 enjoyed measuring out the distance, on the playground, it takes for a car travelling at 30mph to stop (23 metres).


Four Y5 BPS boys spent an enjoyable afternoon at Royal Russell School, challenging their Maths knowledge as they tackled logic, space and number problems. The team managed to achieve enough points to finish a credible ninth out of nineteen schools.

Holocaust survivor, Rudi Oppenheimer, spoke about his traumatic experience as an 11 year old incarcerated with his family in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The talk, attended by Year 7 and 8 from BPS and Year 9 from Bromley High, held the boys spellbound. Rudi has been turned into a hologram which will be on permanent display in the Holocaust Museum so that future generations can learn from an experience Bickley boys were lucky to learn about in the flesh.

The quiz team have been at it again, being crowned the county champions of the National Junior Challenge having beaten Cumnor House in the semi-final and Sir Roger Manwoods in a very close final in which the lead changed at least five times. BPS retain the trophy and proceed to the next regional round.

8SH delivered the first form assembly of term. Written and directed by Luke Saunders, the boys delivered a powerful message focussed on inspiration, aspiration, motivation and achievement.

Nursery and Reception children are looking forward to today’s Superhero Party, kindly organised by the BPSA.